Alper Periodontics & Implants

Alper Periodontics & Implants is a local, independently owned dental practice and has enjoyed a 35+ year presence in Melrose, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. Dr. Paul Alper opened his periodontal practice in 1971, and in 1995 his son, Dr. Joel Alper, associated with him to form Alper Periodontics & Implants.

Dr. Joel Alper specializes in the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease and dental implants. This ranges from therapies that aid in repairing damaged supporting structures of the teeth to cosmetic treatments that improve appearance to permanent solutions for lost teeth.

Treating every patient with compassion, respect, and understanding is a priority for Dr. Joel and his caring staff. Our patients’ comfort is a crucial component of our high-quality dental care, from the first moment a patient contacts our office until visits become more routine.

Although not required, a patient usually comes to our office by a referral from his or her restorative dentist, friend, or family member. Dr. Joel works closely with every patient’s dentist throughout treatment as this communication is crucial to ensuring a successful treatment outcome. You are encouraged to contact our office if you suspect you have periodontal disease or are interested in learning more about restoring your oral health with dental implants.

State Of The Art Facilities

Alper Periodontics & Implants is state-of-the-art. Computers enable us to document every patient’s case, view and store dental photographs and utilize our in office CAT scan for precise treatment planning and placement of dental implants. Dr. Alper can also access the internet for a range of activities, from studying medications and possible interactions to communicating with your restorative dentist. And our office is equipped with surgical telescopic lenses employing fiber optic lighting, making less invasive procedures possible and allowing for easier and quicker recovery.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our practice or your care.